Donna Albrecht - writer, speaker, trainer


Editors (Magazine)

Whether you need a writer who can write a touching narrative that includes service information for readers facing similar problems or a business article that provides highly technical information in an easy-to-read style, I can help you. Please browse some of my published work:

Business: Toxics Liability Uproots Gas Station; Booth Babe Action; Transporting toxics raise questions concering hazardous waste disposal; Small-Business Help From The Governement; Reaching New Heights: Todays contract Workers are Highly Promotable

Elder Issues: Getting Ready for Older Workers

Children: Parents Are the Best Mentors for Adolescents

Disability: How to Explain Your Child's Disability to Others

Playgrounds: Challenges & Delights: Amusement Parks Work for Disabled Kids

Musems: The Lyman Museum

Editors (Book)

Is there a book you've wanted to publish but haven't found the writer who can bring it to life for you? Contact me and let's talk!

Here is information about some of my published books.

Buying a Home When You're Single Revised and Updated (Wiley)

I Love to Tell the Story: Favorite Bible Stories of Famous People (Berkley)

Promoting Your Business with Free (or Almost Free) Publicity (Prentice Hall)

Raising a Child Who Has a Physical Disability (Wiley)

Or if you want a series put together, I have done that also: Run Your Own Business (Prentice Hall)