Donna Albrecht - writer, speaker, trainer


Buying a Home 2Buying a Home When You're Single
(Revised and Updated Edition)

   Published by John Wiley & Sons, ISBN 0-471-39241-3.

   Do you dream about the personal and financial freedom of owning your own home, but feel overwhelmed by the prospect of buying one yourself? This book demystifies home buying and takes you step-by-step through the entire process, from hiring a real estate agent to closing the deal. Albrecht defines intimidating terms and techniques, helps you recognize opportunities, and steers you clear of traps and pitfalls.

Packed with checklists, forms, worksheets, and a comprehensive glossary, the books details:

  • How to use the Web to simplify your search
  • How mortgages work and choosing the best one for your needs
  • Securing financing to fit your earning power
  • Matching your specific needs and pocketbook with the ideal home
  • Evaluating housing choices, including co-ops, condos, single-family dwellings, mobile homes, and others
  • Strategies for working with agents
  • Techniques for negotiating the best price on a home
  • Determining whether you should buy jointly with another person