Donna Albrecht - writer, speaker, trainer


Promoting Your BusinessPromoting Your Business with Free
(or Almost Free) Publicity

Published by Prentice Hall, ISBN 0136033903.

You've heard it said that the best things in life are free. Well, some of the best ways to promote your business are free (or almost free) too!

With some imagination and a willingness to do a little work, you can create a complete promotional program that will keep a steady stream of your ideal customers and clients heading your way and eagerly doing business with you.

In Promoting Your Business with Free (or Almost Free) Publicity, you will learn the secrets that other business owners just like you have used to make their businesses successful.
Secrets like:

  • How you can team up with charitable and/or community organizations for your mutual benefit.
  • How to plan popular promotional events that will be as much fun for you as for your current (and future!) customers.
  • How you can turn a one page press release into free press coverage for your business.
  • How you can determine whether you should give seminars for fun and profit.
  • How you can promote your business on-line -- and tips about the very special etiquette called Netiquette.
  • How you can improve the way customers/clients react to your business just by opening your eyes.
  • How you can improve customer retention and bring in new customers by word-of-mouth through superior customer service.
  • How you can plan a successful and comprehensive promotional program on a very tight budget.