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I Love To Tell the StroyI Love to Tell the Story:
Favorite Bible Stories of Famous People

You've seen times when performers, athletes, authors, and other celebrities faced daunting problems. Some people triumphed. Others crumbled. What was the difference?

Often the answer is as simple as it is profound--Bible stories and verses. These scriptural supports have challenged them to be stronger than they thought they could be. Bible stories that opened their eyes and hearts to truly love. Bible stories that showed them where they needed to go in their personal and professional lives.

The celebrities whose stories are told in "I Love to Tell the Story," are a cross-section of the most admired people in the public eye. They have faced the same kinds of problems you face, and been victorious. Following their example, so can you.

Learn how:

Television's Fred (Mister) Rogers learned about the importance of not judging people

Best-selling author Mark Victor Hansen learned to forgive those who would harm him, and turn those negative efforts into something good

Tennis great Michael Chang learned to persevere

Motivational speaker Zig Ziglar learned from Gideon how anyone can accomplish more than they ever dreamed with God's help

Disco Queen Gloria Gaynor learned the importance of prayer

Lillian Vernon built her mail catalog empire with the lessons she learned from David and Goliath

"What Color is Your Parachute" author Richard N. Bolles was able to forgive his brother's assassin and move on with his life

Also enjoy the lighter moments in life as

  • Family Circus cartoonist Bil Keane muses on the benefits of having a child-like faith
  • Author Lauraine Snelling wonders if Jonah could stand up inside the whale
  • Ruth Stafford Peale enjoys the human qualities of the divine Jesus
  • Dale Evans decides whether to smuggle the bananas hidden in her hat out of Hawaii