Donna Albrecht - writer, speaker, trainer


Run Your Own Business--The Series

The Run Your Own Business series from Prentice Hall offers six skill-specific books each packed with nuts-and-bolts information you can use today to help you make the most of your business.

Promoting Your Business... PROMOTING YOUR BUSINESS WITH FREE (OR ALMOST FREE) PUBLICITY is by Donna G. Albrecht ISBN 0-13-603390-3. For more information on this book, click here.

Computerizing Your Business...

COMPUTERIZING YOUR BUSINESS by Michael C. Albrecht ISBN 0-13-603374-1. Albrecht guides you through the maze of software and hardware options and helps you evaluate and choose the best ones for your needs. You will learn about connecting your computer with others. Find out how to navigate the Internet and on-line services. Plus, you will also learn the pros and cons of buying and servicing your system through a dealer, discount store, mail order house or local shop.

Day-To-Day Accounting

DAY-TO-DAY BUSINESS ACCOUNTING by Arlene K. Mose, John Jackson, and Gary Downs ISBN 0-13-603358-X. This valuable book demonstrates exactly how to set up and run such a system -- even if you have no accounting experience at all! Written in plain English and featuring useful forms, checklists, and examples, this book covers everything from the basics of accounting and financial recordkeeping to shortcuts that simplify tax and payroll procedures. Plus, it provides useful help for those just setting up a new business including a step-by-step list of what needs to be done and in what order.

Managing Your Employees

MANAGING YOUR EMPLOYEES by George Devine, ISBN 0-13-603341-5. Devine demonstrates why the old rules of personnel management are no longer valid. This comprehensive volume teaches you how to manage and motivate today's employees and prepare for the future. Other important topics covered include wage scales, payroll procedures, income and payroll taxes, disability insurance, unemployment insurance, health and life insurance, and a wide range of retirement programs.

Financing Your Business

FINANCING YOUR BUSINESS by Iris Lorenz-Fife, ISBN 0-13-603382-2. In reader-friendly style, this book gives you the information you need to plan, apply for, acquire, and manage the financing of your small business. You will learn how to evaluate the profit potential of your business, determine your ability to carry debt, write a business plan that will enlist the support of lenders and investors and manage your business from start-up, through expansion and into maturity.

Choosing A Legal Structure

CHOOSING A LEGAL STRUCTURE FOR YOUR BUSINESS by Stuart A. Handmaker, ISBN 0-13-603366-0. Handmaker takes the mystery out of setting up your business in a form that best suits your available capital and aspirations -- and best protects your interests in case of unforeseen problems. This book includes information on how to structure your business, as well as advice on choosing and operating a franchise, buying an existing business, and choosing a professional team. Also included are examples of Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, as well as sample forms for a Partnership Agreement, a Limited Partnership Agreement, and more.