Mike Albrecht, P.E.(AZ)

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The following are some of my published articles in pdf format

Teaching New Employees About Processing Equipment: What Is That And How Does It Work?
143rd SME Annual Meeting and Exhibit, February 2014, Salt Lake City, Utah

Equipment Sizing Of A Material Handling System Using Discrete Event Simulation
APCOM 2005, March 2005, Tucson Arizona

Effective Heavy Media Process Control
COAL, May 1991, pp. 70-71.

Process Simulation: A key to unlocking the problems of process control
COAL, July 1990, pp. 56-60,

Operational Control by Process Simulation
COALPREP '90, Cincinnati, OH, May 1990.

Advanced Coal Cleaning Meets Acid Rain Emission Limits
Power Engineering, pp. 30-33, March 1987.

Control Systems for Canadian Coal Preparation Plants
AIME Annual Meeting, Atlanta, March 1983.

Introduction to Coal Preparation
Fourth Annual Symposium on Industrial Coal Utilization, DOE, Cincinnati, April 1982.

Beneficiating Coal for Utilization
Coal Technology '81, Houston, November 1981.

Mining Methods Impact on Coal Preparation Plant Design
First International Mine Planning and Development Symposium, Beijing and Beidaihe, China, September 1980.

Coal Preparation Processes,
Unit and Bulk Materials Handling, pp. 279 - 288, ASME Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, August 1980.

Slurry Transportation in a Coal Preparation Plant
Winter Annual Meeting, ASME, New York, NY December 1979.

Why Not Coal!: Analysis of why coal cannot meet the energy crisis
Thesis - California State University, Hayward, CA 1980 MBA - Management

For a full list ofmmy published work and for more information on mining and mineral processing see:  Smart Dog Mining.



Mike Albrecht, P.E.

· Registered Professional Engineer Arizona (Mining)

·  Licensed General Engineering Contractor California

·  ME – Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, CO

·  MBA - California State University, Hayward, California

·  BS Engineering - Michigan Technologi­cal University, Houghton, Michigan