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Crown Princess ® Thanksgiving 2023

 Thanksgiving 2023

 5 -Day Coastal Sampler

(San Francisco – Ensenada – San Diego – San Francisco)

Day                        Port

21-Nov                 San Francisco

22-Nov                   at Sea

23-Nov                 Ensenada (Thanksgiving)

24-Nov                 San Diego

25-Nov                   at Sea

26-Nov                 San Francisco

Tuesday 21 November 2023 - San Francisco Depart 4:30 PM

Bay Bridge from our balcony.

Took Prestige Limo again, as it is very easy and convenient. 

Arrived about noon and boarding was a zoo.  Took over an hour to board.  The line to get into the terminal was close to 800 ft long.  Then a back-and-forth line to clear security, then check-in, then wait another 15+ minutes for your boarding group.

Once on board, cabins were ready, so dropped carryon’s, other bags not there yet but arrived shortly.  Princess seemed organized, but terminal was not.   There were many families often with several children each, probably close to max capacity (say 3400 to 3500).

Watched the safety video, then checked in at our Muster Station.

Went to Salty Dog at the pool for lunch, crowded but good. 

Had dinner in Sabatini’s (Italian specialty restaurant).  Was very good.

Long day but relatively smooth (except boarding).  Went to bed fairly early. 

Wednesday 22 November 2023 – At Sea

Got up early and had ordered room service for breakfast and it was delivered at 7:00 AM (as requested). Note they do not provide real sugar unless you ask for it.  Went to International Café for breakfast sandwich for myself and real sugar for Donna.

Spent the day reading and relaxing.  Part of it was in Skywalkers Lounge, which was quiet and not crowded.  Some people pay extra for the Sanctuary at the front of the ship, while Skywalkers is free in the stern.

Sailing was smooth with little motion.

Dinner at De Vinci Dining Room, service was good and food was good also.  Ordered leg of lamb, served as slices.

Thursday 23 November 2023 (Thanksgiving) – Ensenada

Ensenada from our Balcony

Again ordered room service for breakfast, this time specified sugar and it came in a separate glass, also ordered breakfast sandwich for myself.

Have been to Ensenada before (2021), and there was nothing we really wanted to see so stayed aboard and read.

Had lunch at Neptune’s Pool eating pizza.  Definitely good pizza

Dinner at De Vinci Dining Room again, food was very okay, ordered Prime Rib medium rare.  Was cooked properly, but a little tough, did not order Turkey.

Went to see show “Magic to Do”, production stage show.  Nice but apparently a new show and was still a little rough in spots.


Friday 24 November 2023 – San Diego

Weather was cool and partially overcast and got daker during the day.

USS Midway Museum from our room.

Decided not to do a tour as we have been trying to not get in an enclosed space with others close by.  So we walked to Sea Port Village and explored some shops.  Interesting, but did not buy anything.

Dinner at Salty Dog Gastropub in Wheelhouse Bar, very noisy and food was so so.  Also service was so so also, seemed under staffed at beginning.

Went to see show magician in Princess Theater, he was entertaining.

Saturday 25 November 2023 – At Sea

Sea day, relax and read. Sailing was a bit rougher and the pools were splashing a lot.  Ship was pitching and yawing a bit, but not really uncomfortable.

Dinner in Crown Grill, decent food and service.

Sunday 26 November 2023 – San Francisco & Home

Gorgeous sunrise over Bay Bridge.

Selected early departure supposedly about 8:15, got to meeting area about 7:45 and was told we could disembark then, off ship and waiting for limo by 7:50, home by 9:15.

 For more information the cruises here is the shipboard daily bulletin (formally Princess Patter) (click here).