Fun Stuff

Bumper Stickers Things that go ZOOM in the night.

Chalkboard Simpsons Sayings from the 'toon meister.

Children of the Eighties Are you one? Find out here.

Children of the Eighties II More nostalgia for you.

Computer Lab Fun You mean I'm supposed to work there?

Daily Affirmations to learn and live by.

Dragons Do you have one?

Elevator Jokes Things to do in an elevator.

Internet Signatures Some of the best lines out there.

Lazarus Long Helpfull hints from the old guy...

Murphy's Laws of Combat.

One Liners from around the world.

Random Humor Random is the only way to go!

Remember Your Friends Who helped you through life?

Star Wars Countdown Keep yourself busy while you wait for the new trilogy to come out.

Tribble Talk Get down and dirty with a little fuzzball.

Why? Ponder some of life's darker mysteries.

Windows 95 Alternate slogans for that blight on humanity.

Work. Make the nine-to-five drudgery more fun.

Writing Good How good do you write?

You Might be an Engineer if...