Donna Albrecht

Successful author and speaker Donna G. Albrecht specializes in helping people get the information they need so they can have the life they want and deserve.

Her newest book, I LOVE TO TELL THE STORY; FAVORITE BIBLE STORIES OF FAMOUS PEOPLE, shares the personal stories of twenty-six well-known people who have successfully applied Biblical wisdom to their personal problems and concerns.

In PROMOTING YOUR BUSINESS WITH FREE (or Almost Free) PUBLICITY, she teaches business people how to have fun while becoming more profitable.

Her RAISING A CHILD WHO HAS A PHYSICAL DISABILITY helps families who are facing the overwhelming problems of raising a child who has special needs.

And in BUYING A HOME WHEN YOU'RE SINGLE, she removes the mystique that keeps people from owning a home of their own.

In addition, Donna teaches two different workshops:

1. SHARING THE STORY - Uses peer and intergenerational formats to explore the way Bible stories can encourage faith and build life-management skills.

2. WRITING FOR PUBLICATION TO ENHANCE YOUR CAREER - Helps people achieve their dream of becoming a published writer while promoting their current career.

Mike Albrecht

If you don't grow it, you have to mine it! Links to mining, metallurgy, and geology sites (including gems and minerals). Also Murphy's Laws and more.

Abby Albrecht

Abby's web site presents the lighter side of the Internet. Jokes, humor, quotes from around the world and links to all types of fandom are included. Just watch out for falling puns.

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